Spiritual Ambiance

Spiritual ambiance is a a rough reproduction from an image i once saw while browsing the internet. I could not forget about the atmosphere and feel and warmth of the image and i knew i wanted to recreate it in 3D.

I tried to make my own twist on it. Since this is a somewhat older image i might revisit the image and make it better now i have learned so much new things.


This is a work i did after i finished modeling the shark. It was a different project to work on my modeling skills. Alot of fun and i wanted to do more with it. Then came the crazy idea to have him jump out of the bathtub.


This is a piece i did in inspiration of a Dali painting, I really like the surrealistic paintings of his and the almost dreamlike state they evoke.

I wanted to create a same feeling but within the feel of the normal world. What came out of this is this image where all things have deflated and bend over the road. It was a fun little project which i might upgrade sometime.

Dude where’s my ship

For this peronal piece i used myself as a guide to model the guy. I tried to recreate the face to my own face more for practising face modeling than any other reason. It was alot of fun and learned alot from it. Its far from perfect but i like the scene anyway.

I tried to convey an almost impossible situation for the guy which could be perceived as hilariously impossible.

Sunny Afternoon

This is one of my oldest 3D visualisations. I made this after a vacation to Italy and having alot of inspiration from the little towns around the area. I tried to recreate such a scene and it was my first big project where there where more elements to be made such as the car which were quite hard and time consuming to build.

After finishing this piece i uploaded it to cgtalk and it got the cgtalk 3DChoice award and after a night sleep i found that the post had a lot of comments from many people. I was asked to participate with the "Expose" book and eventually the image has been included in the art book "Expose 2".


This is a personal work i did to improve on my realistic shader and lighting skills. I wanted to do something weird so i tried to make an abstract look for this reallife jar. I liked the emotion the little guy radiates when he was half molten. A little sad thats for sure but no har was done to him in reallife!!

Hot and Dusty

Hot and Dusty is a personal work i did while i was staying in the USA. I was inspired by the heat during the day and the deserts surrounding California. While i also have an interest in sailing cars this piece was born.

It was alot of fun to work on as i have done this when i was younger in reallife. I tried to convey the heat of the desert and the speed you get in one of thos sailing cars.