This is one of my oldest 3D visualisations. I made this after a vacation to Italy and having alot of inspiration from the little towns around the area. I tried to recreate such a scene and it was my first big project where there where more elements to be made such as the car which were quite hard and time consuming to build.

After finishing this piece i uploaded it to cgtalk and it got the cgtalk 3DChoice award and after a night sleep i found that the post had a lot of comments from many people. I was asked to participate with the “Expose” book and eventually the image has been included in the art book “Expose 2”.

Another byproduct was that some companies noticed my work and started to contact me about it. I reacted to an reaction by Matteworld Digital and ended up staying over there for three months to get a taste of what they do and did some work on Catwoman movie.